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Ask just about anyone who belongs to the IEFOA, and they will tell you they love the game. Press them further, and they will probably tell you they enjoy the camaraderie just as much - if not more. That is why we are actively seeking men and women who love the game just as much as we do to join our ranks and serve our communities.

As we have discussed many times and in many ways, we encourage officials in the IEFOA to share the video last year’s board of directors approved for recruiting purposes. Fellow official, Dan Barker produced the video titled, IEFOA: An Official’s Perspective - and did an outstanding job. The video features fellow members John Love, Chuck Latimer, Luke Raynor, Larry Brown and Ron Schafer, as well as retired official, Kevin Malone.

Anyone interested in joining the IEFOA can visit the “New Officials” page of our website and fill out the form. Chuck will get in touch with those individuals to get them started.