IEFOA gets new game cards!

The IEFOA this week approved new game cards for use during the 2019 football season.

The cards, available before the end of the month, feature the new association logo and will be printed in color. They include more room to record scoring plays, along with designated spaces to note the results of the coin toss - among other adjustments. A PDF of the new game cards can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD CARD DESIGN (.PDF)

Before using the new cards, officials are encouraged to use the existing stock of cards until it is depleted.

Chuck Latimer will have the remaining “old style” cards, as well as the new cards at this month’s association meetings.

The board also approved the purchase and distribution of new coins. The coins, featuring the new logo on one side and a large “T” on a black background on the other side, will be given to each member who has passed field trials.