Pedal for a Purpose, help a kid play YMCA football

From IEFOA member, Steve Felker:

As our season winds down and you start to look forward to your paycheck, I’d like to provide an opportunity for us to give back to the community.
The YMCA does many great things for our community, only one of which is youth sports. I’d like to invite you to join me in donating to the YMCA by participating in Pedal for a Purpose on Feb 3.  More information about the YMCA and about Pedal for a Purpose is available at
It costs $180 for kid to play football for the season and the YMCA does not turn anyone away for inability to pay.  My challenge is for each of you to donate 1 YMCA game fee back to the YMCA - $40.  If we all donate $40, the IEFOA could sponsor an entire football team!  Of course, if you would like, you could sponsor a player or an entire team all by yourself.
In addition to donating, there is an opportunity to get together on Feb 3 and ride stationary bikes for an hour at the downtown YMCA.  During the ride there is a DJ and lots of fun challenges – like Sean Pelfrey riding a tiny bike for 5 minutes.
You do not have to donate in order to ride, you do not have to ride in order to donate.  A normal team is 10 riders, but my goal is for anyone who wants to ride to be able to ride.  I will not know how many riders we can have or what time we ride until after we get some numbers.
If you would like to donate, please give me cash or a check made out to YMCA – or send it to me at my home address (see Arbiter or contact me directly).  If you desire a receipt I will figure out how to get that to you.  No one but me will know who donates, I will simply announce the total from IEFOA.  We will not be doing check deductions this year.
If you would like to ride please respond to this email and I’ll start making a list.  The first 9 folks who want to donate will ride for sure.  All other riders will be on a wait list until I can figure out how many bikes we can get.
Thanks for all you do.